FOLLY Bench By Magis

Folly, by Magis, is a bench between sculpture and design created by the famous Israeli designer Ron Arad.

In his creations, whether functional or purely aesthetic, he favors delicate lines, giving all his works a highly dynamic trend. Ron Arad’s creative process starts from experimentation with the expressive potential of materials and goes beyond mere functionality to create objects that are plastic and expressive and can be reworked to become products for large-scale distribution. This is what happened with Folly, the bench/sculpture made of rotational-moulded polyethylene, available in a single color (brown with cortain effect) and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use: a sculptural object that first of all has its own specific functionality, that is, it is a bench that can seat 8-10 people.

Polyethylene material suitable for outdoor use in brown cortain effect.

L. 95 cm – H. 110 cm


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