“Every challenge hides a big opportunity”

It’s scary enough being a startup in the Coronavirus era.

As its impact continues to accelerate, times are very uncertain.

It feels as if any plans that we make (or have made) could soon be subject to delay or cancellation, and the situation is such that rather than coming together as communities to show solidarity, we must in fact isolate ourselves in our homes.

But every challenge hides a bigger opportunity.

Boredom is perhaps inevitable, but comfort and well-being should be also.

Since these difficult days began at Restylit we have seen a strong increase  in website traffic and number of orders as people resign themselves to staying home for the foreseeable future and we are fully committed to helping our customers as much as we can.

Here’s what we are learning from those hard days as startup at the time of coronavirus:

People need to make plans and talk

Our killer feature never seemed so appropriate.

We were born to turn a talented interior designer next to you and those hard days people seem to appreciate that even more than usual.

Conversations on our live chats or whatsapp are getting longer, they are shifting from “Hey I just saw that blue sofa on your shop, what if I place it there (living room pics)?” to “Hey I just saw that blue sofa on your shop, I was thinking to buy it but…can I call you to have 30’/1h of advisory with your team? I may want to change everything here! I can pay for that…”.

We all have more time available nowdays to take care of what you usually ignore or postpone like the space where we leave, and it’s time to take action!

We all need a dream home, just in case

Now more than ever our homes are turning into prisons in some way, we cant’t get out (and please stay home!) but the risk is losing our mind inside those walls.

But here comes the power of interior design! We said it years ago, despite any conspiracy theory, we all deserve a dream home and it should not cost us a fortune.

We hope that all this bad things happening will teach us how caring about where we leave do worth our money, and we can do great things without spending a lot! The power of living in a place which amuse us every evening when we come back home has definitely a strong impact on our lives, now more than ever

People are getting familiar with online interior design

That’s a big win for us as we’ve struggled a lot to gain people’s trust about being delivered an interior design project by a…laptop.

Yes, at Restylit you always talk with your personal interior designer, yes we are experienced in the field and can show you a successful track record of amazing projects delivered and customers feedback but we all know it’s not the same of having an architect sitting next to you.

Those days forced at home and isolated are helping us to get convinced that it’s possible. You can get your interior project done by a an italian interior design company while sitting on your sofa 9,000 miles from our HQ. We can take care of your dream during the quarantine time!

What does it mean to be a startup during Coronavirus pandemic

At Restylit we saw an increase of traffic to our online shop and Instagram page with the same marketing effort. We’re talking about a consistent +30% in sales and +40% in traffic on almost last 4 weeks of European lockdown. The average order value saw also an increase reaching 1.200 euros.

We’re now expecting a further increase in traffic but a lower conversion rate and lower incomes for the rest of the lockdown (depending on the geographical area) while the purchase impulse will be replaced by the uncertainty of the future as the Economical crisis will spread.

Then we expect a consistent growth by the end of the year (Oct-Dec) with the hope and purpose to have consolidate and consistently spread our business model.

This mess will end up soon, with scars on our hearts but also jumping into a new society and a new way of thinking, more fluid and more open to tests new things as far as they can help us evolving and feeling better. We deserve it.

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