Unico Milano’s pure and simple shapes is the ability of top Italian furniture brands to decorate our homes in a clean and polite way. They focus our attention with delicate balance.

“It’s perfect” we think every time we saw a Siviglia Black Sideboard installed, one of the Unico Milano best sellers. That’s what we’re talking about, being amazed by this brand retail prices too, what we call the smart side of Italian classy design.

Unico MIlano

Unico Milano: your affordable classy living room

When you need to renovate your living room adding a touch of eclectic contemporaneity it’s all about choosing elements to caught your attention yet balanced with the surroundings. It is what we call “functional contrast” to amuse us and chill.

For those reasons we often choose Unico Milano creations, our favourite, suitable for almost every space are Siviglia Sideboard (white, black or brown), Granada chairs and Nagoya lamps.

This brand represents a passpartout of classy design, it doesn’t mess with your spaces and pre existing furnitures but enrich them instead.

Wood, Iron and aluminium playing together harmoniously are the main materials of those collections.

Unico Milano showroom from your sofa, with your interior designer

Sharing important values and philosophy with this brand gave birth to an highly appreciated partnership from customers all over Eruope. You can now shop Unico Milano collection from your sofa together with free help from Restylit interior designers. We can help you to find the perfect fit for your spaces, just tell us what you like and drop us a pic of your interiors!

We all deserve a dream home and it shouldn’t cost us a fortune, do you agree?

Shop the new collection! Click here.

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