Easy Lounge Chair Dark Brown – Pierre Jeanneret Edition

Sit back and relax in the Chandigarh style of the late 1950s. Three colors, a quality handcrafted in Indonesia. Produced with a great passion for both design and natural materials to bring a classic and minimalist style to your home. A true design icon, a unique piece you can’t be without!


This furniture is handmade in Indonesia. What makes this furniture so unique is the natural method of production. But aside from the remarkable craftsmanship, the sustainability of the products is at least an important part of the concept of this line. All chairs, cabinets and other handcrafted pieces are made from Mindi wood. This timber comes from oaks grown on Indonesian plantations and is known for its beautiful grain. In addition, all of our handcrafted furniture is marked with the FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) mark, demonstrating that the wood is recognized by the EU as legally sourced timber compliant with the European Timber Regulation.


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Rattan is a strong, flexible and high quality material with a unique and timeless appearance. Our rattan products are stretched by hand, which puts more tension on the panel than when machine made. These qualitative advantages make sitting comfort optimal.

Something that certainly does not always happen, but it can happen, is that the well-stretched rattan will be deformed due to use. Also, rattan panels are never identical to each other because there are always small differences in the exact texture and colors. These minor differences are generally negligible, but it is good to keep them in mind if you intend to buy a product made of rattan material.The Vienna straw used is not treated with bleaches or ammonia to even out the color of the fibers. Any chromatic variations of the straw yarn, small filaments of the reed or interruptions of the yarn are a guarantee of the naturalness of the product.

Of course, none of these things have a negative influence on sitting comfort – quite the opposite. It’s just good to know when buying a rattan product. Wood is a natural product and it always works. From cold, heat, dryness and humidity. When it comes to our brown and black items, these have been sprayed and painted. Thanks to the processing of the wood, the natural color of the wood becomes visible after a while. It therefore appears that the wood is broken, it is not. The places where this can happen are, for example, the ‘V’ of the legs or seat. We have a special kit to touch it up. We can ship it for free.

We recommend using the cushions on all rattan chairs and benches. The cushions will extend the life of the rattan and also increase the comfort. The cushion is made of 100% PES and the cover is washable. FIND OUT HERE!

Maximum load;
95Kg chairs.
Benches 95Kg.
Sofa 115Kg.

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